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Customized Lawn Care in Calgary - South East and South West Neighborhoods

Keeping your lawn in excellent shape and maintaining the health and vitality of your greens require well-rounded care that is a cut above. And it’s not an easy feat. At A Cut Above Lawn & Yard Services, we know the ins and outs of lawn upkeep and provide customized lawn care in Calgary and surrounding areas. 


Our 30 years of experience show our commitment to understanding and meeting the seasonal needs of plants and grass. We are here to make your outdoor maintenance tasks easier by offering lawn care services that you and your greens need.

Services Offered

Our service packages are affordable with no inescapable contracts or high-pressure upselling. We promise to serve you with attention to detail that adds value to your property and your life.

Power Raking
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Power Raking

Don’t let lawn-chocking moss or dead thatch destroy the health and beauty of your lawns. Trust our efficient power raking service to clear your lawn of moss, excessive thatch, and debris and prepare the surface for rejuvenated lawn

Image of man mowing lawn
Lawn Vacuuming

Lawn Vacuuming

The trees around your property shed leaves, especially during the autumn season. If left unmanaged, the foliage can suffocate the plant roots and hinder healthy photosynthesis. However, all of this can be prevented with our lawn vacuuming service. Also can be used in spring time after power raking to pickup excess grass

Image of man lawn vacuuming
Lawn Aeration
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Lawn Aeration

Aeration is important to break up compact soil, eliminate weeds, remove suffocating thatch layers, and facilitate root strength and plant growth. Rely on our team to aerate your soil at affordable prices and ensure the best results.

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Rototilling Gardens

Rototilling Gardens

Save the time and hassle of tilling your lawn manually and switch to rototilling service. We help you improve soil structure as our rototilling turns over the soil. Rototilling helps in new gardens installation and the rejuvenation of an old one.

Fertilizing Lawn
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Fertilizing Lawn

We specialize in different fertilization techniques and can restore your soil to its optimal nutrient composition. Our fertilization program is customized around your lawn’s condition and needs, determined by a soil test.

Image of a cart with dirt on the lawn
Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming

Trimming is an economical way to maintain your plants, minimize the risk of diseases, and support healthy growth. Our team trims all kinds of shrubs, hedges, and plants, giving your outdoors a clean, fresh look.

Image of man hedge trimming
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about lawn care in Calgary:

Q. How frequently should I water my lawn?

A. Watering your lawn at regular intervals is essential to keep it healthy. The frequency will depend on several factors, including the type of grass, weather conditions, and soil quality. Typically, watering your lawn deeply once a week is sufficient, but you may need to increase the frequency during hot and dry spells. However, avoid over-watering your lawn, as it can lead to issues like soil erosion and fungus growth.

Q. What measures should I take to prevent the growth of weeds on my lawn?

Q. How can I tell if my lawn is unhealthy?

A. Here are a few signs to look out for to detect if your lawn is unhealthy: ⦁ There are yellow or brown patches in the grass. ⦁ The growth of the grass is thin or patchy. ⦁ There is a fungus or other disease present on the grass. ⦁ The drainage is poor, or there is standing water on the lawn. ⦁ Thin grass can often be identified by weeds growing in lawns.

Q. How frequently should I mow my lawn in Calgary?

A. The frequency of mowing your lawn in Calgary depends on the growth rate of the grass and the length you want to maintain. Generally, it's recommended to mow your lawn when the grass reaches a height of about 3 inches and to remove no more than one-third of the grass blade at a time. This helps to promote healthy and appealing grass.

Q. When is the best time to fertilize my lawn?

A. The ideal timing for fertilizing a lawn in Calgary will vary according to the grass type. If your lawn features cool-season grasses like fescue and bluegrass, it is recommended to apply fertilizer during spring and fall. If your lawn has warm-season grasses like Bermuda and Zoysia, it is advisable to fertilize in late spring or early summer. Following the appropriate fertilization schedule based on grass type can promote optimal growth and maintain the health of your lawn.

A. Adopting a few simple practices can effectively prevent weeds from taking over your lawn in Calgary. Mowing your grass regularly, using a pre-emergent herbicide, and keeping your lawn healthy by following proper watering and fertilization practices can all help discourage weed growth. If weeds do appear, pulling them out by hand or applying a weed-and-feed solution can help to prevent them from spreading.

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Trusted Lawn Care Solutions

Our personalized lawn care program includes services that your lawn genuinely needs for growth and recovery.

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