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Spring and Fall Cleanup in Calgary

A thorough cleanup at the start of the season is extremely important to maintain a pleasant curb appeal throughout the year. While maintenance is about sustaining the current state of your lawn in general, an initial spring cleanup service paves the way for the healthy growth of your plants and lawn for the rest of the year. Fall cleanup is necessary to clear foliage and debris and prepare your greens for a long winter.


You can count on us to be professional, timely, and efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way. We power rake and lawn vacuum instead of using lawn mowers to pick up dust and debris over winter and provide aeration, fertilization, and leaf cleanup in fall. opt for our prompt fall and spring cleanups starting at just $125. If wanting us to use a lawn mower instead of the lawn vacuum we can do this if customer prefers.

Spring Cleanup

A proper cleanup at the start of the spring season can eliminate debris and clutter accumulated during winter. Aside from revealing your grass beds, a cleanup service is important to create a healthy ecosystem for your greens to revive from frost damage and grow well. Our service also involves pulling out weeds to restore your soil's vitality, giving your flowering plants the needed space to bloom.


Spring Cleanup -
Starting at $125

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Fall Cleanup

As the summer season winds up, you may notice that the shrubs and plants have several dead/diseased stems or branches. Sometimes, small plants are affected by the growth of larger plants, blocking their pathways. Shrubs, plants, and trees also shed dead twigs, branches, and large amounts of leaves. This buildup of foliage and debris can suffocate roots if not cleared up on time. With that said, you can benefit from our fall cleanup routine and facilitate optimal nutrient and water absorption by plant roots before they move into the winter season.

Falling isolated autumn colored maple leaves (1).jpg

Fall Cleanup -
Starting at $125

All prices on the website includes GST
Image of dried leaves on a patch of grass

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Leave the tedious task of spring and fall cleanup to our professionals at A Cut Above Lawn & Yard Services in Calgary.

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