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Lawn Aeration and Rototilling Solutions in Calgary

When it’s time to aerate and rototill your garden, trust A Cut Above Lawn & Yard Services to do a commendable job. We provide great prices and customized packages for lawn aeration and rototilling in Calgary. Lawn aeration supports the growth of stronger grassroots and eliminates water runoff as well as puddling. Also, your lawn becomes less vulnerable to thatch accumulation and diseases.


Our rototilling services are available for jobs of all scopes and sizes. We can rototill your current lawn or help you install a fresh new garden. Count on our lawn care professionals to make our services work for your goals.

Aeration section

Lawn Aeration

Heavy rains lead to water pooling and result in soil compaction. Aeration is essential to loosen up this compressed soil so that nutrients can penetrate the soil and hit the plant roots. Core aeration practices help maintain the optimal circulation of water and air. It also involves the removal of moss and dead thatch to stimulate new growth. Proper aeration is the secret behind the lawns that never have a dull day and continue to look lush and green through the autumn and summer months. Contact us today to learn more about our lawn aeration services starting at $65.


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Rototilling section
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Rototilling Gardens

Replace time-consuming manual tilling with our advanced rototilling service and quickly get your garden ready for new plants. Choosing to rototill is ideal if you are establishing a new garden or overhauling an extensive landscape. Unlike hand tilling, rototill can be done to a depth of several inches, even on tightly clumped soil. Opt for our rototilling gardens services starting at $59 today!

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Rototilling Gardens -
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Free Lawn Aeration and Rototilling Estimate Available

We provide free quotes for all our lawn care services.

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