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Top-grade Lawn Fertilizing and Hedge Trimming in Calgary

Your greens need sufficient nutrients and routine trimming to thrive. Depending on the condition of your garden, fertilization might be necessary once in the fall, spring, and summer months. A Cut Above Lawn & Yard Services is the company to call for personalized lawn fertilizing and hedge trimming in Calgary. We understand your lawn’s need for specific nutrients and the right care across different seasons and apply quality fertilizers that meet those needs.


We also provide regular trimming and maintenance services to ensure healthy, well-developed hedges. Our timely trimming services keep your plants free from diseases, pests, and empty patches.

Hedge Trimming

Make trimming a part of your routine lawn maintenance to keep the hedges and shrubs healthy. Our precision hedge trimming service, starting at $40, removes the overgrowth parts and facilitates improved pest control. As a result, your plants become healthier, stronger, and more beautiful.

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Fertilizing Lawn

Our fertilization program is custom-developed around your soil’s needs. Setting your garden up for proper growth requires nutrient-rich soil. Our lawn specialists evaluate what is missing from your soil and apply the right type of fertilizer in controlled amounts and frequency to restore your garden to its green glory. Reach out to us to know more about the pricing.

Trimming section
All prices on the website includes GST
Well maintained lawn

Increase Your Curb Appeal

Full, well-shaped hedges are the easiest and best way to boost your property’s curb appeal.

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