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Get Power Raking and Lawn Vacuuming in Calgary and Surrounding Areas

Your spring cleanup is incomplete without professional power raking and lawn vacuuming in Calgary. A Cut Above Lawn & Yard Services can remove unwanted materials with our superior raking and vacuuming services.


The winter season can take a toll on your lawns. A thick layer of foliage, gravel, thatch, debris, dead grass, snow mould, moss, and animal remnants build up and lay trapped underneath the snow. If not cleared up on time, this layer is detrimental to your plants’ capacity to restore healthy growth come spring. That’s why we use only the latest lawn maintenance practices to give you a time- and cost-effective service.

Power Raking

Routine power raking is an essential lawn care step in mitigating lawn-choking moss and thatch problems and ensuring long-term health. After rainy days, damp outdoor areas are likely to get covered in a dense growth of moss and thatch. This can be prevented if you hire us for power raking with lawn vacuuming, starting at just $109.

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Lawn Vacuuming

Traditional raking and blowing practices might not be effective when it comes to handling a spring or fall cleanup. For affordable solutions, hire our lawn or leaf vacuuming experts. We maintain our own high-power, municipal-grade leaf vacuum equipment to provide an efficient.

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Now Is the Time to Rake

We recommend power raking your lawn once in early spring before the onset of growing season.

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