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The Advantage of Spring Lawn Cleanup

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

A Cut Above Lawn and Yard Services provides customized spring cleanup for your yard and property. Our spring cleanup uses power raking, lawn vacuuming, and cleaning up debris. We can plant grass seed, fertilizer on your lawn, aerate the soil, and apply weed killer. Our service will trim trees, hedges, and bushes around your home. There are many advantages to using our lawn cleanup services. We do not have contracts, but perform services on site at reasonable rates.

Cleanup of Leaves, Branches and Debris

Winter is tough on your lawn, bringing leaves, broken branches, twigs, mold, mildew, and fungi. Too many dead leaves breed bacteria and need to be removed. Your grass may need thatching to help it grow properly this season because too much thatch can smother your grass. Thatching your grass will help the soil and grass breathe and let air circulate in the soil better. While we are cleaning up the leaves, branches, and grass, we can trim your trees, bushes, and vines.

Lawn Vaccum

Dethatching, Power Raking or Vacuuming

Dethatching is removing the dead grass that accumulates in the cold weather. This grass often keeps your lawn from growing. We remove dead grass, leaves, and twigs to give your lawn and gardens a healthy start in the spring. We have tools for power raking that removes debris, improves water absorption, and helps us fertilize your lawn and gardens. We have vacuum equipment for leaves and branches to remove debris in larger yards that require more work.

Aeration, Fertilizers and Planting Grass Seeds

Your lawn should be aerated in the spring to help the soil breathe. Using an aeration machine, we punch holes in the soil to loosen it up and improve compacted areas. It allows oxygen to reach the roots of grass and plants, helps water to be absorbed more easily into the ground, and produces a healthy lawn or garden. We do this before we plant any grass seed or fertilize your property.

Fertilizing an aerated lawn boosts the nutrients that reach the seeds and promotes growth. Adding or planting seed in areas where it is not growing well will help to resolve the problem. Aeration will allow new seeds to root more easily and grow in the warmer weather.

Mulching Correctly

When you use leaves as mulch, they can smother your grass and garden plants. We can mulch areas of your yard or garden that need it and apply the right type for your yard. There is bark mulch, hard wood, wood chips, rocks, and other types. We can choose mulch that will improve the overall look of your garden or borders around your home. Mulching protects trees, shrubs, and garden plants by keeping the moisture in the ground.

Trimming Trees, Bushes, and Vines

Trimming trees in the spring is important to promote healthy growth. We can trim your tree branches, bushes and vines so that they can grow without taking over your property. We have the professionals and equipment to help clean up your lawn and property this spring. All these services will help you to maintain a healthy lawn and gardens.

Contact us to discuss a customized spring-cleaning

hand rake on lawn

for your property by filling out our online form on the website or calling for an appointment at 403 -253 -5509 for an appointment. We will tailor our services to your needs and budget.

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