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Pest control problems in lawn in Calgary

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Lawns in Calgary may need pest control in certain circumstances, as pests can cause damage to the grass and can contribute to the decline of the overall health of the lawn.

Some common lawn pests in Calgary include:

  1. Grubs: These are the larvae of certain types of beetles, such as Japanese beetles and June beetles. They feed on the roots of the grass, causing it to wilt and die.

  2. Chinch Bugs: these are tiny bugs that suck the sap out of the blades of grass, this can cause yellow patches on the lawn.

  3. Sod Webworm: These are the larvae of a small moth that feed on the blades of grass, causing damage that can appear as irregular brown patches.

  4. Cutworms: These are the larvae of several species of moths, they cut the stem of grass plants at the soil level causing severe damage and death

  5. Billbugs: These are insects that live and breed in the soil, they feed on the roots and stem base of grass.

If you suspect that your lawn may have a pest problem, it is important to diagnose the problem correctly, and consult a professional or a local extension service for appropriate pest control methods. This may include using insecticides specifically formulated for the target pest, biological controls, or cultural practices to prevent the pests from becoming established.

It's worth noting that some pests are more prevalent in certain seasons, therefore, early detection and intervention is crucial to avoid severe damage to the lawn. It is also important to be mindful of the potential impact of any pesticide on the environment, including wildlife and pollinators, as well as any potential risks to human health

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