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Power Raking Lawn In Calgary

What is Lawn Thatch

Thatch is dead and decomposing grass plant you should have about a 1/2 inch of thatch to get proper air and watering of the lawn and reduce water loss to the root system, giving better growth and a lawn being healthier. Your lawn can look like a carpet with proper care.

Anything about 1/4 or under can create burning the root system from the sun and not store water and become very dry and start causing weeds and not have a healthy lawn.

Anything over an inch there is a lack of air and watering and more risk of pest and insect concern

power raking may not be necessary every year. It varies with the amount of thatch year after year.

Green Grass

Method of power raking

Power rake in Calgary generally should never be done after May 15. The reason is that the grass is turning green, once the grass starts growing it should never be done. Only do power raking when the lawn is dormant and is not green.

The machine should always be set, so tines are just touching the level of ground, no lower, or you will end ripping up the grass and damaging your lawn.

The best way after power raking is to hand rake and use a billy goat lawn vacuum, that way dust and thatch don't scatter like using a lawn mower to pick up, a lawn mower doesn't do a good job like a vacuum does. A lawn vacuum sucks up thatch and dust directly into a bag, where a lawn mower doesn't pick up thatch as good and scatters dust more.

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