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What is Lawn Aeration and the price of Aeration in Calgary

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Here is an outline of the cost and objective of Aerating your lawn.

Aeration is one of the ways of stimulating your lawn and giving the lawn Nutrients and air and moist and give it a deeper root system with the plugs being removed. This will also loosen up a packed down ground. Water a couple of days ahead of time to get plugs moist, this assures plugs don't crumble. Make sure It's not too wet because you don't want to rip your grass. I use a blue bird lawn aerator that you need to lift handle and tines lift so when making corners you don't rip grass up.

Don't rake plugs up.

Don't rake up the plugs, as they are important to go back into your lawn as an important element to make your lawn even healthier.

When to aerate lawn

Best time is in the early Spring or fall, personally I prefer late fall to allow the Snow to break down the plugs naturally over the wintertime. There is less chance of getting diseases in your lawn as critters have no place to hide or nest. This is a good time to over seed in the fall, make sure you do this well before the frost hits, or it will kill the seed. If seeding in the summer, make sure It's not too hot, or it will dry up the seed and won't germinate.

Remember to flag your sprinkler heads before any aeration is provided. The lawn care company should as if there are any sprinkler heads.

healthy green lawn

Price of Aerating Lawn in Calgary (Average Cost)

Cost for a property providing there are no large hills etc. Usually starting at $65.00

This is only a guideline in what approx price it is we give free estimates prices may be lower or higher depending on lot and grade.

If you have any Question or would like to book,

please call

A Cut Above Lawn and Yard Services

(403) 253-5509

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