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History and Location of the Snow Thrower

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

It is difficult to determine the exact history and location of the first snow thrower, as there have been many different inventions and innovations in snow removal technology over the years. However, some sources suggest that the first snow thrower was developed in the early 20th century in the United States.

One of the earliest known snow throwers was the "Snow Devil," which was patented in 1920 by Arthur Sicard in Quebec, Canada. The Snow Devil was a horse-drawn machine that used a spinning auger to collect and throw snow out of the way. Sicard's invention was a major improvement over the traditional method of clearing snow, which involved using shovels and other manual labour.

Other early snow throwers were developed in the United States, including the "Snow King," which was invented in the 1930s by Robert E. Briggs and William H. Rafey. The Snow King was a gasoline-powered machine that used a spinning impeller to throw snow out of the way.

It is likely that these early snow throwers were developed in response to the need for more efficient and effective ways to clear snow, particularly in areas with cold winters and heavy snowfall

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