Price of Lawn Care Maintenance in Calgary

Updated: Nov 20

A Cut Above offers a Guideline of what Lawn Care Services and Snow Shoveling for prices in Calgary are.

We A Cut Above Lawn and Yard Services have been in Operation since 1995. We understand the pricing in what it should be. All prices are included with GST

We are basing the price on 4000 Sq./ft. yards If you would like an Free Estimate please call or email. We also do smaller than 4000 Sq./ft yards

-Weekly Lawn Cut/trims starting at $40.00

-Bi Weekly Lawn Cuts Starting at $59.00

-One time Lawn Cuts Starting at $60.00

-Lawn Aeration Starting at $80.00

- Power Raking Starting at $120.00

-Spring Cleanups Starting at $125.00

-Fall Cleanups Starting at $125.00

-Rototilling Garden Starting at $50.00

-Hedge Trimming Starts at $40.00

-Snow Shoveling Services we start at a minimal price of $75.00 per month.

We do more Services this is a General Guideline List.

***Note there are exceptions that may lower price depending on size of lot or job.***

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